Key events in medieval history.

  1. 1179 Philip II crowned King of France
    1254 Marriage of Edward I (of England) to Eleanor of Castile
  2. 1083 Death of Matilda of Flanders (Queen consort of England)
  3. 1153 Treaty of Wallingford ratified (The Anarchy)
  4. 921 Treaty of Bonn (East – West Francia border conflict)
  5. 1226 Death of Louis VIII (of France)
    1342 Birth of Julian of Norwich (English theologian)
  6. 1277 Treaty of Aberconwy (Edward I’s conquest of Wales)
  7. 1202 Siege of Zara begins (Fourth Crusade)
    1444 Battle of Varna (Ottoman-Hungarian Wars)
  8. 1100 Marriage of Henry I (of England) to Matilda of Scotland
    1215 Fourth Lateran Council opens
  9. 1035 Death of Cnut the Great
  10. 1002 St Brice’s Day Massacre (Æthelred II of England)
    Feast of St Abbo of Fleury (died 1004)
    1093 Battle of Alnwick (Anglo-Scottish border conflict)
    1093 Death of Malcolm III (of Scotland)
    1143 Death of King Fulk (of Jerusalem)
    1312 Birth of Edward III (of England)
  11. 1263 Death of Prince Alexander Nevsky (of Novgorod)
  12. 655 Battle of the Winwaed (inter-kingdom Anglo-Saxon conflict)
    655 Death of King Penda (of Mercia)
    655 Death of Æthelhere (of East Anglia)
  13. Feast of St Ælfric of Abingdon (died 1005)
    Feast of St Margaret of Scotland (died 1093)
    1272 Death of Henry III (of England)
    1272 Edward I declared King of England
  14. Feast of St Gregory of Tours (died 594)
    Feast of St Hilda, Abbess of Whitby (died 680)
    1292 John Balliol declared King of Scots
  15. Feast of St Odo of Cluny (died 942)
    1095 Council of Clermont opens
    1302  Pope Boniface VIII issues the Papal bull Unam sanctam (papal spiritual supremacy)
  16. 869 Death of King Edmund ‘the Martyr’ (of East Anglia)
  17. 1220 Frederick II ‘Stupor Mundi’ crowned Holy Roman Emperor
    1307 Pope Clement V issues the papal bull Pastoralis praeeminentiae (arrest of Templars)
  18. 912 Birth of Otto I (Holy Roman Emperor)
    955 Death of King Eadred (of England)
    955 Eadwig declared King of England
    1407 Assassination of Duke Louis I (of Orléans)
  19. 1202 Zara falls to Crusading forces (Fourth Crusade)
    1265 Death of King Magnús Óláfsson (of Mann and the Isles)
    1326 Execution of Hugh le Despenser ‘the Younger’
    1429 Siege of La Charité begins (Hundred Years’ War)
  20. 885 Viking siege of Paris opens
    1034 Death of King Malcolm II (of Scots)
    1120 The White Ship disaster (death of the heir to the English throne)
    1177 Battle of Montgisard (Levantine Wars)
  21. 511 Death of King Clovis (of the Franks)
    1095 Pope Urban II calls for Crusade to the Holy Land at the Council of Clermont
  22. 1170 Death of King Owain ap Gruffudd (of Gwynedd)
    1240 Siege of Kiev begins (Mongol invasions)
    1290 Death of Eleanor of Castile (Queen consort of England)
  23. 1314 Death of King Philip IV (of France)
    1330 Execution of Roger Mortimer (1st Earl of March)
  24. 1016 Death of King Edmund ‘Ironside’ (of England)
    1292 John Balliol crowned King of Scots

Calendar header images are taken from the decoration adorning the corresponding month in the Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry (c. 1416).


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