1. 1081 Birth of Louis VI (of France)
    1083 Birth of Anna Komnene (Byzantine princess and historian)
    1135 Death of King Henry I (of England)
  2. 1368 Birth of Charles VI (of France)
    Feast of St Osmund (died 1099)
  3. 1214 Death of King William I ‘the Lion’ (of Scots)
    1244 Death of Joan (Countess of Flanders)
    1259 Treaty of Paris (Norman – French conflict)
  4. 1185 Death of Alfonso I (first King of Portugal)
    1214 Alexander II crowned King of Scots
    1240 Kiev falls to Mongol forces
    1285 Birth of Ferdinand IV (of Castile)
    1421 Birth of Henry VI (of England)
  5. 877 Louis the Stammerer crowned King of the West Franks
    1174 Treaty of Falaise (Anglo-Scottish conflict)
  6. 1165 Death of Malcolm IV (of Scots)
  7. 1282 Death of Llywelyn ap Gruffudd (Prince of Wales)
  8. 1098 Ma’arrat al-Numan falls to Crusading forces (First Crusade)
    1204 Death of Maimonides (Jewish scholar and philosopher)
  9. 902 Battle of the Holme (inter-kingdom Anglo-Saxon/Scandinavian conflict)
    1250 Death of Frederick II ‘Stupor Mundi’ (Holy Roman Emperor)
    1294 Pope Celestine V resigns
  10. 1287 St Lucia’s Flood (Natural disaster in Netherlands & Northern Germany)
    1417 Execution of John Oldcastle
  11. 1431 Henry VI of England crown King of France in Paris
  12. 1075 Death of Edith of Wessex (Queen Consort of England)
  13. 1119 Birth of Thomas Beckett
    1154 Henry II crowned King of England
    1387 Battle of Radcot Bridge (Richard II and the Lords Appellant)
  14. 1192 King Richard I (Of England) imprisoned returning from Crusade
  15. 1135 Stephen crowned King of England
  16. Feast of St Þorlákur Þórhallsson (died 1193)
    1220 Death of Berengaria of Navarre (Queen Consort of England)
  17. 1144 Crusader state of Edessa falls to Zengi of Mosul
    1166 Birth of John (of England)
  18. 597 St Augustine of Canterbury baptises thousands on Christmas Day
    800 Charlemagne crowned Holy Roman Emperor
    855 Edmund crowned King of East Anglia
    1000 Stephen I crowned first King of Hungary
    1013 Sweyn Forkbeard declared King of England
    1025 Mieszko II crowned King of Poland
    1130 Roger II crowned first King of Sicily
    1066 William the Conqueror crowned King of England
    1076 Bolesław II crowned King of Poland
    1100 Baldwin I crowned first King of Jerusalem
  19. 1194 Birth of Frederick II ‘Stupor Mundi’ (Holy Roman Emperor)
  20. 1065 Consecration of Westminster Abbey
  21. 875 Charles the Bald crowned Holy Roman Emperor
    Feast of St Thomas Beckett (died 1170)
  22. 1066 Granada Massacre (persecution of Jewish population)
    1419 Battle of La Rochelle (Hundred Years’ War)
    1460 Battle of Wakefield (Wars of the Roses)
    1460 Death or Richard of York
  23. 870 Battle of Englefield (Anglo-Scandinavian conflict)
    1384 Death of John Wycliffe

Calendar header images are taken from the decoration adorning the corresponding month in the Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry (c. 1416).


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