Key events in medieval history.

  1. 1131 Death of King Stephen II (of Hungary)
  2. 986 Death of King Lothair (of West Francia)
    1127 Assassination of Charles the Good (Count of Flanders)
    1316 Birth of Robert II (King of Scots)
  3. 1271 Siege of Kraik de Chevalier begins
  4. 1152 Frederick Barabrossa elected King of Germany
    1172 Death of King Stephen III (of Hungary)
    1188 Birth of Blanche of Castille (Queen Consort of France)
    1193 Death of Saladin
    1238 Death of Joan of England (Queen Consort of Scotland)
    1330 Philippa of Hainault crowned Queen Consort of England
    1388 Death of Thomas Usk (English author)
    1461 Edward IV proclaimed King of England
  5. 1139 Birth of Henry II (of England)
    1279 Battle of Aizkraukle (Lithuania v. Livonian Order, Baltic Crusades)
    1324 Birth of David II (of Scotland)
  6. 1204 Siege of Château Gaillard ends (French conquest of Normandy)
    1340 Birth of John of Gaunt
  7. 1274 Death of St Thomas Aquinas
  8. 1202 Death of Sverre Sigurdsson (King of Norway)
  9.  840 Death of Einhard (Frankish Scholar)
  10. 1190 Clifford’s Tower Massacre, York (persecution of Jewish population)
    1244 Fall of Montségur (Albigensian Crusade)
    1322 Battle of Boroughbridge (Despenser uprising)
  11. 1040 Death of King Harold Harefoot (of England)
    1058 Death of King Lulach (of Scots)
  12. 978 Assassination of King Edward the Martyr (of the English)
    1314 Execution of Jacques de Molay (last Grand Master of the Templars)
  13.  1413 Death of King Henry IV (of England)
  14. 867 Death of King Ælla (of Northumbria)
    867 Death of King Osberht (of Northumbria)
  15. 871 Battle of Marton (Danish invasions of England)
    1322 Death of Thomas of Lancaster (English noble & rebel)
  16. 1306 Robert the Bruce crowned King of Scots
    1437 James II crowned King of Scots
  17. 1027 Conrad II crowned Holy Roman Emperor
    1130 Death of Sigurd the Crusader (King of Norway)
    1169 Saladin becomes emir of Egypt
    1371 Robert II crowned King of Scots
  18. 1241 Death of Valdemar II (King of Denmark)
    1351 Battle of the Thirty (Breton War of Succession)
  19. 845 Paris sacked by Viking raiders
    1187 Birth of Arthur of Brittany (designated heir to the English throne)
    1461 Battle of Towton (Wars of the Roses)
  20. 1296 Edward I sacks Berwick-upon-Tweed

Calendar header images are taken from the decoration adorning the corresponding month in the Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry (c. 1416).


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