Online Resources

Links provided within the blog are available below, along with a selection of useful sites for students of medieval European history.

Publications & Primary Sources

Anglo-Saxon Penitentials

The Battlefields Trust

Early English Law Codes

The Electronic Sawyer – Online catalogue of Anglo-Saxon Charters

Icelandic Saga Database – All Icelandic sagas published online (in English where available)

Icelandic Saga Map – Mapping the Icelandic Sagas

Irish Placename Database – Glossary & Distibution of common Irish place-name elements

Key to English Place Names – (University of Nottingham) – Interactive map providing place-name origins

Ordnance Survey – Origins of Place-names – Guide to the influences of Welsh, Scots, Gaelic, and Scandinavian languages on place-names in Wales and Scotland

Parker Library on the Web – Digitised editions of the medieval and Renaissance manuscripts, and early printed books, held in the Parker Library at Corpus Christi College.

Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages – An international project to edit the corpus of medieval Norse-Icelandic skaldic poetry

Translated Sagas – A database of every translation of each Old Norse saga

The Viking Society for Northern Research (University College London) – Digital Publications

Palaeography & Codicology

Digging Deeper: Making Manuscripts – Archived Stanford University course available for self-directed learning – Latin and Middle English

Hill Museum & Manuscripts Library – Latin & Syriac Scripts, with Arabic, Armenian, Gәʿәz, and Persian forthcoming

Interactive Album of Medieval Palaeography – French, Latin, Italian, and Arabic with a strong emphasis on transcription training

Postgraduate Online Research Training – Latin, Old English, and Middle English

UK National Archives – Middle and Early Modern English (1500 – 1800)

Archives & Directories

Lambeth Palace Library

New Zealand National Library

Trinity College Dublin Manuscripts and Archives Research Library

Schools & Courses

Irish Archaeological Field School

Historical Sites

Hill of Tara, Ireland

Newgrange, Ireland