Key events in medieval history.

  1. 984 Death of Bishop Æthelwold of Winchester
    1086 Oath of Salisbury – English landholders swear allegiance to William I
    1098 Death of Adhemar of Le Puy, papal legate and leader of the First Crusade
    1137 Death of King Louis VI (of France)
    1291 Formation of the Old Swiss Confederacy
  2. 1100 Death of King William II ‘Rufus’ (of England)
    1274 Edward I returns from Crusade to claim the English kingship
    1415 Execution of Thomas Grey, conspirator in the Southampton Plot
  3. 1460 Death of King James II (of Scots)
  4. 1060 Death of King Henry I (of Franks)
    1265 Battle of Evesham (Second Barons’ War)
    1265 Death of Simon de Montford
  5. 910 Battle of Tettenhall (Danish invasions of England)
    1100 Henry I crowned King of England
    1305 William Wallace captured by the English near Glasgow
    1388 Battle of Otterburn (Anglo-Scottish conflict)
  6. 1195 Death of Duke Henry the Lion (of Saxony and Bavaria)
    1221 Death of Saint Dominic (founder of the Dominicans)
  7. 936 Coronation of Otto I (King of East Francia)
    1106 Death of Henry IV (Holy Roman Emperor)
  8. 870 Treaty of Meerssen devides Carolingian Empire among heirs
    1170 Birth of Saint Dominic (founder of the Dominicans)
  9. 1318 Treaty of Leake signed between Edward II and rebel barons
  10. 955 Battle of Lechfeld (Magyar invasions of Europe)
    1332 Battle of Dupplin Moor (Second War of Scottish Independence)
  11. 991 Battle of Maldon (Danish invasions of England)
    1086 Birth of Henry V (Holy Roman Emperor)
  12. 1099 Battle of Ascalon (First Crusade)
    1164 Battle of Harim (Nur al Din v. County of Tripoli)
  13. 1040 Death of King Duncan I (of Scots)
    1040 Macbeth succeeds to the Scottish throne
    1352 Battle of Mauron (War of Breton Succession)
  14. 636 Battle of Yarmuk (Arab-Byzantine Wars)
    778 Battle of Roncevaux Pass (notable as the origin of the Roland legend)
    1038 Death of King Stephen (of Hungary)
    1057 Death of King Macbeth (of Scots)
    1461 Louis IX crowned King of France
  15. 1423 Battle of Verneuil (Hundred Years’ War)
  16. 1095 Death of King Olaf I (of Denmark)
    1415 Siege of Harfleur begins (Hundred Years’ War)
  17. 1274 Edward I crowned King of England
  18. Feast day of St Stephen (King of Hungary – died 1038)
    1191 Massacre at Ayyadieh (Richard I order execution of Muslim hostages)
    1153 Death of Bernard of Clairvaux (French theologian)
    1308 Jacques de Molay, last Grand Master of the Templars posthumously absolved of heresy
  19. 1165 Birth of Philip II ‘Augustus’ (King of France)
    1131 Death of King Baldwin II (of Jerusalem)
  20. 1134 Battle of the Standard (The Anarchy)
    1350 Death of King Philip VI (of France)
    1358 Death of Isabella of France (Queen Consort of England)
    1485 Battle of Bosworth Field (Wars of the Roses)
    1485 Death of King Richard III (of England)
  21. 1305 William Wallace executed
    1382 Siege of Moscow begins (Golden Horde v. Muscovites)
  22. 1200 King John of England marries Isabella of Angoulême
    1215 Pope Innocent III rejects Magna Carta
    1313 Death of Henry VII (Holy Roman Emperor)
    1349 Massacre of Mainz (persecution of Jewish population)
  23. 1270 Death of King Louis IX (of France)
    1482 Death of Margaret of Anjou (Queen Consort of England)
  24. 1346 Battle of Crécy (Hundred Years War)
  25. 1146 Death of King Eric III (of Denmark)
    1255 Death of ‘Little St Hugh of Lincoln (subject of blood libel accusations)
  26. 1189 Siege of Acre begins (Third Crusade)
  27. 1350 Battle of Winchelsea (Hundred Years’ War)
  28. 1483 Death of King Louis XI (of France)
  29. 1422 Death of King Henry V (of England)

Calendar header images are taken from the decoration adorning the corresponding month in the Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry (c. 1416).


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