Key events in medieval history.

  1. 1204 Death of Eleanor of Aquitaine (Queen consort of France and England)
    1282 Birth of Louis IV (Holy Roman Emperor)
  2. 742 Birth of Charlemagne ([Holy] Roman Emperor)
    1118 Death of King Baldwin I (of Jerusalem)
  3. 1043 Edward the Confessor crowned King of England
    1203 Death of Arthur of Brittany (designated heir to the English throne)
    Feast of Richard of Chichester (died 1253)
    1367 Battle of Najera (Castillian Civil War/Hundred Years’ War)
  4. Feast of Isidore of Saville (died 636)
  5. 1081 Alexios Komnenos crowned Byzantine Emperor
    1205 Death of Queen Isabella I (of Jerusalem)
    1242 Battle on the Ice (Novgorod v. Teutonic Knights, Baltic Crusades)
  6. 1199 Death of King Richard I (of England)
    1250 King Louis IX of France captured at the Battle of Fariskur (Seventh Crusade)
    1320 Declaration of Arbroath affirms Scottish independence from England
  7. 529 Justinian issues Corpus Juris Civilis
    1141 Matilda declared to be Queen of England
  8. 1271 Siege of Kraik des Chevaliers ends in victory for Sultan Baibars
  9. 1283 Birth of Queen Margaret, ‘Maid of Norway’ (of Scots)
    1413 Henry V crowned King of England
  10. 1240 Death of Llewellyn the Great (Prince of Wales)
  11. 627 King Edwin of Northumbria coverts to Christianity
    1204 Crusader besiegers enter Constantinople (Fourth Crusade)
  12. 1118 Baldwin II crowned King of Jerusalem
    1471 Battle of Barnet (Wars of the Roses)
  13. 1053 Death of Earl Godwin (of Wessex)
    1367 Birth of Henry IV (King of England)
    1450 Battle of Formigny (Hundred Years’ War)
    1452 Birth of Leonardo da Vinci
  14. 1362 Kaunas Castle (Lithuania) falls to the Teutonic Knights (Baltic Crusades)
    1397 Chaucer gives first court recital of the Canterbury Tales
  15. 796 Death of King Æthelred I (of Northumbria)
    1161 Death of Theobald of Bec (Archbishop of Canterbury)
  16. 797 Constantine IV, Byzantine Emperor, blinded and deposed
    Feast of Ælfheah of Canterbury (died 1012)
    1390 Robert III becomes King of Scots
  17. 689 Death of King Cædwalla (of Wessex)
    1099 Death of Peter Bartholomew (First Crusade)
  18. Feast of Anselm of Canterbury/Bec (died 1109)
    1142 Death of Peter Abelard (theologian)
    1214 Pope Innocent III issues bull taking England under papal protection
  19. 1014 Battle of Clontarf (Hiberno-Norse conflict)
    1014 Death of King Brian Boru (of Ireland)
    1016 Death of King Æthelred II ‘the Unready’ (of England)
    1016 Edmund Ironside becomes King of England
    1124 Death of King Alexander I (of Scots)
    1348 Edward III found the Order of the Garter
  20. 1284 Birth of Edward II (King of England)
    1287 Birth of Roger Mortimer, 1st Earl of March (English rebel and regicide [?])
  21. 1319 Birth of King John II (of France)
  22. 1296 Battle of Dunbar (First War of Scottish Independence)
  23. 1069 Death of King Magnus II (of Norway)
    1192 Conrad of Montferrat, King of Jerusalem, killed by Hashshashin
    1442 Birth of Edward IV (King of England)
  24. 711 forces of Tariq ibn Ziyad land at Gibraltar beginning Islamic conquest of Iberia
    1429 Joan of Arc arrives to relieve the French garrison at the Siege of Orléans.
  25. 1245 Birth of Phillip III (King of France)
    1310 Birth of Casimir III ‘the Great (King of Poland)
    1483 Richard III takes control of the young King Edward V

Calendar header images are taken from the decoration adorning the corresponding month in the Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry (c. 1416).


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