Key events in medieval history.

  1. 1298 Battle of Turaida (Lithuania v. Livonian Order, Baltic Crusades)
  2. 958 Death of Oda the Good (Archbishop of Canterbury)
    1010 Battle of Aqbat al-Bakr (Spanish Reconquista)
    1098 Siege of Antioch ends in Crusader victory (First Crusade)
    1420 Marriage of Henry V (of England) to Catherine of Valois
  3. 1140 Peter Abelard (French theologian and philosopher) found guilty of heresy
  4. 1039 Death of Conrad II (Holy Roman Emperor)
    1134 Death of King Magnus I (of Sweden)
    1394 Birth of Phillipa of England (Queen consort of Denmark)
    1394 Death of Mary de Bohun (Queen consort of England)
  5. Feast of St Boniface of Wessex (died 754)
    1296 Death of Edmund Crouchback (English noble and politician)
  6. 929 Death of Ælfthryth, Countess of Flanders (daughter of Alfred the Great)
    1099 Siege of Jerusalem begins (First Crusade)
    1329 Death of King Robert the Bruce (of Scots)
    1329 David II succeeds as King of Scots
    1394 Death of Anne of Bohemia (Queen consort of England)
  7. 793 Viking raid on Lindisfarne Abbey
    1042 Death of King Harthacnut (of England)
    1042 Edward ‘the Confessor’ succeeds as King of England
    Feast of St William of York (died 1154)
    1191 Richard I arrives at Acre
    1376 Death of the Edward the Black Prince
    1405 Henry IV orders execution of the Archbishop of Canterbury & Earl of Norfolk
  8. Feast of St Columba (died 597)
    1346 Battle of Saint Pol de Leon (War of Breton succession)
  9. 1191 Death of Frederick I Barbarossa (Holy Roman Emperor)
    1381 Peasants’ Revolt – rebels enter Canterbury and depose the Archbishop
    1437 Death of Joan of Navarre (Queen consort of England)
  10. 1183 Death of Henry the Young King (English heir)
    1429 Battle of Jargeau (Hundred Years’ War)
    1488 Battle of Sauchieburn (Scottish rebellion)
    1488 Death of King James III (of Scots)
  11. 918 Death of Æthelflæd, Lady of Mercia
    1240 Disputation of Paris/Trial of the Talmud
    1381 Peasants’ Revolt – rebels reach London
  12. 823 Birth of Charles the Bald ([Holy] Roman Emperor)
    839 Birth of Charles the Fat ([Holy] Roman Emperor)
    1174 Battle of Alnwick (Anglo-Scottish conflict)
  13. 1216 Prince Louis of France captures Winchester (First Barons’ War)
  14. 923 Death of King Robert I (of the Franks)
    Feast of St Eadburh of Winchester (died 960)
    1184 Death of King Magnus V Erlingsson (of Norway)
    1215 King John signs Magna Carta
    1219 Battle of Lyndanisse (Baltic Crusades)
    1330 Birth of Edward, the Black Prince
    1381 Peasants’ Revolt – Watt Tyler killed at Smithfield
    1389 Battle of Kosovo (Serbian-Ottoman Wars)
  15. 1239 Birth of Edward I (King of England)
    1397 Formation of the Kalmar Union
  16. 1264 Earliest known meeting of the Irish Parliament
    1492 Battle of Patay (Hundred Year’s War)
  17. 1306 Battle of Methven (Anglo-Scottish conflict)
    1312 Execution of Piers Gaveston (English politician and favourite of Edward II)
  18. 1210 King John of England lands in Ireland in campaign
    1248 Oxford University granted Royal Charter
  19. 1377 Death of Edward III (King of England)
  20. 1402 Battle of Bryn Glas (Owain Glyndwr’s revolt)
  21. Feast of St Æthelthryth of East Anglia (died 679)
    1280 Battle of Moclin (Spanish Reconquista)
    1314 Battle of Bannockburn (First War of Scottish Independence)
  22. 637 Battle of Moira (intra-Irish conflict)
    1148 Council of Acre (Second Crusade)
    1314 Death of Phillipa of Hainault (Queen consort of England)
    1340 Battle of Sluys (Hundred Year’s War)
  23. 1291 Death of Eleanor of Provence (Queen consort of England)
  24. 1461 Edward IV crowned King of England
  25. 1214 Papal interdict over England lifted
  26. 888 Death of Æthelred (Archbishop of Canterbury)
    1451 Bordeaux surrenders to the French (Hundred Years’ War)

Calendar header images are taken from the decoration adorning the corresponding month in the Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry (c. 1416).


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