The Chroniclers

Matthew Firth

Focus areas: Early Medieval Europe; Anglo-Saxon Studies; Anglo-Scandinavian History; Scandinavian History; Saga Literature; Cross-Cultural Exchange; Royal Studies; History of Religion

Matt completed his Master of History at the University of New England in 2016 and his Graduate Certificate in Classical Languages in 2017. Matt is presently a PhD candidate at Flinders University, his research investigates cultural memory as exemplified by the transmission of Anglo-Saxon kingship into Anglo-Scandinavian literary texts of the twelfth – thirteenth centuries. He has also published recent articles on various aspects of tenth and eleventh Anglo-Saxon and Scandinavian history, literature, and culture.

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Jamie Gatehouse

Focus areas: High Medieval Europe; Military History; Hundred Years’ War; Edward I; Edward III; Eastern Crusades; Castles & Fortifications

Jamie is a final year postgrad student at the University of New England, studying a Master of History degree. His research focuses on military history from the middle to late medieval period, with a particular interest in The Hundred Years War, the use of archery in battle, and battlefield tactics.

Between teaching full time, studying, writing, and a mild obsession with archery, he doesn’t get much spare time…