Key events in medieval history.

  1. 1328 Death of King Charles IV (of France)
  2. 962 Otto I crowned Roman Emperor
    1141 Battle of Lincoln (The Anarchy)
    1461 Execution of Owen Tudor
    1461 Battle of Mortimer’s Cross (Wars of the Roses)
  3. 1014 Death of Sweyn Forkbeard
  4. 1140 Death of Thurston (Archbishop of York)
  5. 1102 Birth of Matilda (Empress, claimant to English throne)
  6. 1250 Battle of Al Mansurah (Seventh Crusade)
  7. 1306 Assassination of John Comyn (Wars of Scottish Independence)
    1355 St Scholastica Day riot (Oxford)
  8. 881 Charles ‘the Fat’ crowned Roman Emperor
  9. 1429 Battle of the Herrings (Hundred Years’ War)
  10. 842 The Oaths of Strasbourg (East-West Francian treaty)
    1318 Death of Margaret of France (Queen consort of England)
    1349 Strasbourg Massacre (expulsion and execution of Jewish population)
    1368 Birth of Sigismund (Holy Roman Emperor)
    1400 Death of Richard II (of England)
  11. 1270 Battle of the Ice (Lithuania v. Teutonic Knights, Baltic Crusades)
  12. 1370 Battle of Rudau (Lithuania v. Teutonic Knights, Baltic Crusades)
  13. 1268 Battle of Wesenberg (Livonia v. Novgorod, Baltic Crusades)
  14. 1414 Death of Thomas Arundel (Archbishop of Canterbury)
  15. 1472 Shetland and the Orkneys come under Scottish sovereignty
  16. 1173 Thomas Becket canonised
    1437 Assassination of James I (of Scotland)
  17. 1076 Henry IV, Holy Roman Emperor, excommunicated
    1403 Birth of Charles VII (of France)
  18. 616 Death of King Æthelberht (of Kent)
    1303 Battle of Roslin (Wars of Scottish Independence)
  19. 1308 Edward II crowned King of England
  20. 1155 Birth of Henry the Young King (titular King of England)
    1261 Birth of Margaret of Scotland (Queen of Norway)

Calendar header images are taken from the decoration adorning the corresponding month in the Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry (c. 1416).


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