Postgrad Reflections

Update: Bibliographies

When we came up with the idea for the Postgrad Chronicles, one of our aims was to compile resources for other students of medieval history. To that end, we have been working hard on our bibliographies and are rather proud of them! We hope they will prove to be useful source list for others researchers of our medieval past. We now have over 100 books and articles listed, covering both primary and secondary material relating to Medieval North-Western Europe, organised in categories as diverse as ‘Crusades,’ ‘Law Codes,’ and ‘Manuscript Studies.’

The full list of categories can be accessed here, or from the ‘Bibliographies’ tab in the main menu. We are also in the process of building a repertoire of book reviews.

In both our bibliography and review pages, Individual items link to the Book Depository where available. This is part of an associates arrangement, and any purchases you make after accessing Book Amazon through our site does help support the Postgrad Chronicles into the future.

Thanks for your ongoing support.

Matt & Jamie

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